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Technology Services


Significant changes are taking place in the server room driven by the rapid advances in virtualization technologies. Let us show you the efficiencies and cost savings you can enjoy today.

Joink is a certified provider and designer of VMware virtualization solutions. We’ve helped a myriad of companies simplify their network centers, reduce servers and increase redundancy and ease of troubleshooting through skilled implementation of this powerful technology. Whether you have experience working with virtualization or just coming to the table, our engineers can help your organization reap significant benefits today.

Bandwidth Services
At Joink, we cut our teeth by designing, building and operating one of the largest wireless Internet service provider networks in the Midwest. That network serves businesses and consumers across Illinois and Indiana. Today, we leverage that expertise to help businesses to design and implement successful wireless and wired network infrastructures. We are true experts in Radio Frequency (RF), wireless network design, network traffic management and all aspects of bandwidth delivery.

Joink Bandwidth Services include:
  • Outdoor licensed or unlicensed wireless connections and bandwidth delivery.
  • Design, license procurement, installation and recurring management and maintenance of wireless links and networks.
  • Secure connections featuring fully encrypted, up to AES256 bit, private wireless links. This allows us so to deploy a point-to-point links for industries that demand data the highest levels of data security such as banks or medical facilities.
  • Wi-Fi network deployment (in building wireless LAN) or campus LAN
  • Cellular repeater solutions to strengthen your cell coverage within your work place or campus.
  • Wired solutions including DSL, Internet T1, T3 and Optical Connectivity. Optical connectivity options include Internet, point-to-point and metro-Ethernet solutions allowing multiple sites to be connected.
  • Own the network yourself or outsource the entire project to us.