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Managed Security

The security around your organization’s critical data and the data of your customers requires a proactive approach to security. Joink can provide you with a roadmap for success.

Joink works with a large number of companies and organizations who have to take security seriously – banks, hospitals and schools. These groups trust us because they’ve seen the benefits of the rigid methodology we apply to security.

Joink Security Services include:

  • Risk Assessment – We review your infrastructure and processes to provide you with an assessment of where you face vulnerabilities and exposure. We develop a plan that will close the door on potential breaches.
  • Vulnerability/Intrusion Detection & Prevention – We leverage industry leading tools for scanning and auditing networks. We produce initial and ongoing vulnerability assessments.
  • Traffic Filtering – Our years of experience as an ISP have given us advanced tools for monitoring and filtering the Internet Traffic moving across your network. Avoid unauthorized uses, keep the bad guys at bay, and even shape your bandwidth to give priority to the most important applications or services on your network.
  • Antivirus, Spam & Spyware Filtering – This is another area where our ISP roots give us true expertise addressing an issue that negatively impacts productivity and causes costly impacts to network performance and capacity.
  • Firewalls – We leverage industry leading solutions and provide you with advanced firewall services including: Network anti-virus, URL-filtering, IDS/IPS, SSL VPN, IPSEC VPN and advanced authentication options.
  • Bandwidth and traffic monitoring
  • Documentation