Application & Website Development

Application & Website Development

Site Design:

We offer a full range of website design services. From simple billboard sites to full e-commerce and database solutions. We can customize a site to meet any and all of your needs.

Solutions include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Full Website Design
  • Database Development
  • Custom ASP/ASP.NET Scripts
  • Fully dynamic websites
  • XML Integration Projects
  • E-commerce and Credit Cards

and much more….

Our hourly rate for web design and software development is billed on quarter hours and is very competitive in todays market. Contact us for a free quote on your project.


Often the needs of a website can go beyond what the end user sees. Integrating into backend production databases, customer billing, and even credit card transactions require custom software. We have over 6 years of software design experience using web technologies. We can develop custom web based software using the following languages:

  • VBScript
  • ADO (ODBC)
  • SQL
  • JavaScript

Some examples of our software projects include, content management systems, billing and customer management, XML services, UPS tools integration, production database integration, and many others.

Database Design/Hosting:

Databases have many uses in today’s world of computers. They store customer information, product information, and just about any other type of data you can imagine. What can a database do for you?

Databases can:

  • Organize your data
  • Allow easy updates to your website
  • Collect Statistics
  • Make your site dymanic
  • There are many other things that a database can help your site achieve. We offer full database design and can help you integrate it into your site. Contact us if you need a database solution for your site. Our software developers can help you achieve your goals.

    General Internet/Technology Consulting:

    Do you need help determining the needs of your online business? Having trouble understanding web technology? Do you need help intergrating software or scripts into your current website? With over 8 years of technology services experience we can provide you with the answers you need.

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