Joink COVID-19 Action Plan

As Joink is a part of Essential Infrastructure and will continue to operate at Stage 1 ( The procedures outlined below will remain active throughout this situation. Joink will continue to follow these procedures until all restrictions are lifted (as early as July 4th), as management sees no reason to increase risk to employees or customers when we have been able to maintain a high level of service and productivity while following CDC recommendations throughout the pandemic. As restrictions are lifted for office employees at a local/state level, we will allow remote employees who request to return to work onsite to do so, following all relevant recommendations. All remaining employees still working remotely when all restrictions are lifted will return at that time.


  • Covid-19 Management Team at executive level meeting at least weekly to check in and discuss any changes or updates to Joink’s response.
  • Regular Reporting on site preparedness, confirmed/suspected cases, and identifying high-risk operations and mitigation efforts.
  • Ensuring protocols remain in place and operations continue to remain in line with or in excess of current local and state regulations.


  • Daily employee self-screening for any symptoms.
  • Restricting access for employees with symptoms, exposure to COVID-19 cases, or travel in the last 21 days.

Social Distancing/PPE:

  • Maintaining 6 feet of separation for employees and reinforcing through, signs, posting, and regular communication from all supervisors/managers.
  • Staggering breaks and utilizing additional office space and locations to create physical distance.
  • Leveraging work-from-home and limiting in-person meetings.
  • Stocking inventory of employee PPE.


  • Daily cleaning of high-touch areas and of workstations after shift.
  • Increased hand washing, availability of cleaning wipes and sanitizer.


  • PPE training provided to employees whose duties require the use of PPE.
  • CDC recommendations on preventing transmission, what to do if sick, etc. shared through company-wide email and included in PPE training.
  • Posters communicating general information, physical distancing, safety measures to take, etc. have been placed in common areas.
  • Regular updates are provided to employees using multiple communication channels.

Case Response will be based upon the guidance provided by the Vigo County Health Department at the time of occurrence. This will include:

  • Guidelines for reporting symptoms, exposure to COVID-19, and suspected cases.
  • Response requirements if an employee reports symptoms at work or tests positive.
  • Contact tracing/home isolation/quarantine, with follow-up on employee condition.
  • Clearance to return to work when appropriate.

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