Engineering Manager


Job Title:Engineering Manager
Classification:Non-exempt, Hourly

Date Revised: November 7, 2018

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Classification: Exempt, Salaried


Do you enjoy finding solutions to complex problems? Are you interested in building a next generation broadband infrastructure for our community? Do you want to be instrumental in the success of growing a regional technology services firm? If so, then you should consider applying for this position with Joink!

If so, then you should consider applying for this position with Joink!


Joink, LLC was founded as an Internet Service Provider, providing dial-up, DSL and fixed wireless broadband Internet services. Today, the company provides connectivity for customers who span the landscape from residential to enterprise using technologies that include leased lines, unlicensed wireless, licensed wireless, and fiber optics. Also, the company provides managed hosting services including virtual machine, web/email, and offsite backup storage. And finally, the Company’s technology services group leverages its enterprise knowledge of networking, software, storage, and telephony technologies to provide design, installation, and continued supported around key technologies from companies such as VMware, Cisco UCS, IBM, Veeam and Microsoft.


This associate will work in the connectivity business unit helping to build an infrastructure capable of servicing our customers through fiber optics to the premise.


  • President & CEO

      Engineering Department

    • Drafting Technicians
    • Inspectors
    • Paralegal
    • Contractors


    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    1. Develop production goals that drive utilization of team
    2. Utilize effective management techniques and establish daily routines review work and other approval requests
    3. Minimize overtime and maximize production all while developing competency across all team members.
    4. Assess employee capabilities and assign work accordingly
    5. Independently prioritize work as the situation demands
    6. Maintain a productive work environment
    7. Provide analysis, directions, and timely review to engineering staff in order to create quality work products such as
      • Outside Plant Construction Drawings
      • Building Entrance Drawings
      • Interior Conduit and Cabling Drawings
      • Central Office Equipment Placement Drawings
      • Permit Drawings
      • Coordinate awareness and obtain buy-in and support in community leadership and permitting authorities
      • Obtain permits suitably in advance of scheduled work
      • Easement Drawings
      • Splicing Sheets/Drawings
      • Easements
    8. Plan and coordinate construction projects via internal construction team or outside contractor
      • Prepare budget, run competitive bids where appropriate, contracts, and award
      • Plan kickoff meetings to transfer engineer’s requirements to construction teams
      • Calculate project timelines
      • Calculate daily production goals
    9. Manage inspection of OSP construction to determine quality of work being performed and that it meets the company’s standards, including the use of the Salesforce inspection process and approval of inspection reports and directing corrections back to either the contractor or the in-house construction manager.
    10. Responsible for determining cable placement in constructed path
      • Type of cable
      • Fiber count of cable
    11. Review monthly inventory stocking reports and respond to analyst making sure all stock levels are as needed 90 days out
    12. Responsible for employee timesheet review. All time sheets for the prior week should be approved before 10am Monday
    13. Training and Development:
      • Work with HR to interview and select members of the Engineering Department
      • Provide on-the-job training for employees working under your direction
      • Assist in conducting training classes as required to evaluate and develop employee talent
      • With the support of the Technical Writer, develop and provide employee training for those supervised, the processes of the Engineering Department, and the construction standards we apply to our Construction team and Contractors
      • Maintain Safety regulations and employee knowledge/compliance with these
    14. Participate in Performance Management for reports, including:
      • Discipline
      • Coaching
      • Training/Development
      • Performance Appraisals
      • Pay adjustment recommendations
      • Working with HR where necessary to resolve employee grievances or complaints
    15. Coordinate on call schedule for various engineering department roles in cooperation with OSP Construction Manager
    16. Always operate in a manner that promotes personal, team, and property safety


    • Ability to multi-task
    • Ability to motivate and manage human resources and drive effective utilization of those resources
    • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex service issues
    • Ability to utilize software tools for path planning, estimating, workflow and project management
    • Knowledge of construction safety
    • Ability to keep a calm and cool head in sometimes stressful situations
    • Ability to adjust quickly to changing priorities and make quick decisions with limited information
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


    Key qualifications required to fill this position are:

    • Minimum of two years relevant work experience
    • Bachelor of Science in an Engineering discipline (Civil Engineering preferred)
    • Two or more years of experience managing the design of utility networks (preferably to both business and residential premises)
    • Candidate must be willing to reside near or commute to Terre Haute, Indiana.
    • Valid driver’s license


    • Regular business hours of 8 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday.
    • Ability to work after hours or on weekends occasionally as required for callouts, emergency utility hits, or emergency repairs
    • Majority of time spent in office setting with outside work generally limited to inspections, project walkthroughs, path planning, and troubleshooting of issues


    • Please prepare a cover letter explaining why you are an excellent fit for this position
    • Please outline all work experience, detailing any relevant work experience
    • Please outline all training and certifications achieved


    Please note that this job description is not a comprehensive list of all activities, duties or responsibilities the employee may be required to engage in for this job. These duties, activities, and responsibilities may change at any time with or without notice.


    Joink, LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate against or harass any applicant or employee on any grounds prohibited under any federal, state or local law, including race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status, citizenship or membership in any other legally protected class. 

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