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Asterisk IP Phone Solutions - Powerful, Affordable, Feature RichWhat is Asterisk? It’s the world’s most popular, open source IP-PBX phone system and at Joink we are Asterisk experts. We’ve deployed Asterisk solutions in organizations large and small giving them the features of expensive PBX systems for pennies on the dollar.

The flexibility of Asterisk allows us to provide an all-in-one PBX solution. Or if you want to extend the features and functionality of your existing phone solution we can provide advanced features such as: Voicemail, Call Recording, Auto Attendant, ACD Queuing, Call Recording or database integration with your current system. We can even create custom telephony applications using our Asterisk programming expertise.

Here are just a few examples of how our customers are using Asterisk in their businesses:

System and Hardware Flexibility

We have significant experience integrating and managing Asterisk on:

  • Polycom Phones
  • Soft-phones
  • Various SIP/IAX and PSTN trunking providers

Call Center Solutions
One customer operates a 200 seat call center using our Asterisk solution. The system:

  • Features a server cluster with high availability and quality of service (QOS)
  • Trunks to 10 PRIs
  • Manages thousands of calls per day
  • Records 100% of inbound and outbound calls
  • Supports PCI compliance with a functions for silencing recordings during the capture of secure personal information such as Credit Card numbers of SSNs
  • Serves up and makes recordings available immediately through a Web interface
  • Leverages custom built call routing and queuing

An integrated telephony solution for a 20 seat call center. The system:

  • Allows calls to be managed through a Web interface integrated to the company’s lead management system
  • Creates a 3-way call that allows a CSR to gracefully hand off calls to a third party
  • Handles large daily call volumes

Hosted IVR Solutions
Joink developed a custom, hosted IVR solution for one of our customers. The system processes more than 30,000 calls per month for a company with remote workers. Remote workers record services they provide to the customer through the system, and the system generates automated billing exports. The system provides a management tool that protects against shrinkage by leveraging caller ID verification.

Custom Asterisk Development
Joink developed a telephony system for a Web-development firm working in the healthcare industry. The Joink system allows housekeepers and patient transporters to connect with their company’s patient tracking application via standard telephones. In the case of patient transport, the caller ID information from house extensions allows the system to confirm that a transporter starts and finishes in the right location for each job.

Joink developed and hosts a technician dispatch system that allows another company’s employees to import their customer lists into a Web interface and allows their customers to call a hosted IVR system to request service or support. The Joink technology, developed on top of Asterisk, routes on-call schedules and escalation procedures directly to each technicians phone to ensure that customers get the proper technician as fast as possible.

Asterisk IP Telephony Experts
We have some of the deepest Asterisk expertise in the country. We can deploy Asterisk at your facility, co-location facility or hosted completely in our data center. Contact us today and let us show you the power of Asterisk, and how it can benefit your business.

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